Monday, April 16, 2012

Bartel Armory Round Gun Safe at NRA Convention

We have been following coverage from the FateofDestinee as she has been hitting some of the more popular booths at the show. This particular video doesn't show a big name in the industry, but a very innovative safe. David Bartel claims that this is the only truly round safe. Eyes can certainly roll when you hear "Never been done before", but who are we to debate the fact.

Bartel Armory Vault 360 

Perhaps it is the first 360 degree option, though there are similar concepts on the market. Regardless of this fact, it is a very interesting safe in itself for the sake that you can spin it around and hide the actual door. Essentially you can conceal  it with the paint job, and leave any thieves wonder what they are looking at and may not bother messing with what looks like a cumbersome and unwieldy object to mess with. Their largest model can hold up to 43 rifles with a three foot diameter along with space for valuables and pistols, so this certainly could be your end all be all safe assuming you can reign in the weapons count.

Be sure to check out Destinee's other NRAAM Exhibit booth visits as she did an outstanding job making the rounds and taking the time to get the full overview on some great weaponry and related products.

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  1. This is one cool safe, how do we check on pricing and availability.