Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ares Armor Wants Your Ugly Mug

Many companies want their packaging to carry over what their company is all about. Ares Armor is a customer driven manufacturer and much of what they produce is based on the needs of the customer, so it is no surprise that they want you the customer represented across the board.

Ares Armor Packaging Sample
So where does your ugly mug come into the equation? The concept is quite simple. Send in a photo of yourself with no specified guidelines and they will consider it for use. You can see a sample of what to expect above and below is some inspiration, with the type of photo they will be launching their initial packaging including their owners in the mix.

Ares Armor Photo by John Cudal
For some odd reason, we think their gear and some form of bad ass weaponry will help your case. Photos will be rotated on packaging to allow for many customer shots to be utilized All photos submitted must be understood as authorized for Ares Armor's use. Entries can be sent over to

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