Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AR-15 Spade Grip Kit

We were having a serious discussion at the office as to what the proper set up would be in the event that we needed a swivel mounted rifle in the passenger seat of a pick up. Of course this was in the event of a zombie apocalypse and the only means for firing was while driving with one knee on the wheel. As with all life and death scenarios, much research is required to find the proper equipment to fit with the required task at hand. 

KNS Presicion AR-15 Spade Grip
Unfortunately for us KNS Precision's ARR-830 Spade Grip accessory is lacking in many components to make this necessity a reality, but we are sure you can think of many other scenarios where it will definitely be an essential piece of equipment in your arsenal. Cheaper Than Dirt points out that it will work for both semi and fully automatic rifles. While not ideal for Chevy S-10 Door Gunner scenario, pair this with a good bi-pod and you can be the Rambo of your local range. Buy now at At $500 a pop, you may as well buy two. 
KNS Precision ARR-830
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