Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amendment II RynoHide Flexible Armor

We had touched on a "Bullet Proof" uniform Amendment II had put out a while back as it presented an option for ballistics protection that could be worn just as any other clothing. Obviously an evolution from where Kevlar started with a lighter weight and good flexibility is a great concept. Of course there were other manufacturers such as Pinnacle Armor with their Dragon Skin, but you certainly don't see widespread use of their product in the industry. 

Developing a product that people are going to trust their life with can take a lot of testing which comes with a lot of time and money. Amendment II has recently announced their RynoHide, which they tout as the first Carbon Nanotube Armor that is flexible for bulletproof vests and other personal protective equipment. We have seen Carbon Nanotube technology in many forms including the body armor developed by Borque Industries. The top reason such a material is used for ballistic protection is its ability to become stronger on impact and not weaken under subsequent impact. It is also generally considered a lighter weight solution to traditional common metals utilized for armor. 

Amendment II Centurion Vest 
Amendment II has taken their RynoHide and introduced several interesting products that are certainly worth a look in regards to viability for a lightweight body armor. Of most interest is their standard Centurion Vest. This is your typical solution for easy concealment, however they note that their vest provides 30% less deformation when impacted and protection up to level IIIa (.44 Magnum, .357 Sig) and lower. They also offer a women's version in what they call a princess cut which is essential contoured for a proper fit and a professional concealed appearance.

While ballistic vests are definitely more mainstream, what really caught our eye if not simply for novelty sake was their blast curtain. This is exactly as it sounds, as they took the Rynohide fabric and designed it into an everyday curtain. This may be laughable to many and maybe we smirked at first glance, but when explained it makes perfect sense. Where bullet proof glass may not be possible or simply not preferred, a ballistic protective curtain can stave off projectiles of all sorts in the event of an explosion or scattered gunfire.

Rynohide Blast Curtain
Their example for protection which is a very good one are embassies and other high value locations that are vulnerable to attack. Perhaps a window is not possible and you need a wide swath of are covered, a blat curtain can block off that area rather simply. They also sell the fabric as is and note various uses including insulation for walls or a lining for just about anything you want protected. Of course at this point, with the material in hand, you can fabricate just about anything you want for ballistic protection.

Obviously with a new product like this, you want to see if the proof is in the pudding. They will send you fabric with the purchase of your vest, so that you can do your own analysis down on the range. You may ship back the product if it fails to meet your satisfaction. Of course we think NIJ testing is a much more valid means of providing insight as to if this is a viable product and will certainly follow the developments to see what comes of RynoHide. Hopefully some of our own shooting will give us abasic first hand look at the product in action. 

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