Friday, April 6, 2012

Accessorize That Double Tap

Heizer Defense is teaming up with some of the leaders in the firearm and nylon gear industry to bring products that complement their innovative derringer style Double Tap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol. The key component now available is the interchangeable barrel. This allows you to easily swap out your original .45 ACP with a 9MM barrel. These barrels will be available with or without the porting just as the standard pistol. The extra barrel comes with the spare double round loader that is secured in the frame of the pistol as well as a new six round carrier that appears similar in design with added capacity.

Double Tap Spare Double and Six Round Holder

Now, this begs the question, where am I am going to keep all this getup? They teamed up with Pelican for an easy carry case with a foam core that has custom cut out for the pistol, extra barrel, and the spare ammo. You can see in the photo that there will be an OD Green and Black selection. 

Double Tap Pistol Pelican Case 1170
You are not going to want to carry around a case all the time, so where do you stick your pistol if you don't want to just throw it in your pocket as we assume some people do. Heizer Defense is working with the hometown company First Spear, which is making great strides in bringing military gear to a whole new level. Both companies are in the Saint Louis region, so it is easy to see how they may have bumped into one another. 

First Spear brings their tactical gear expertise to the table with a nyllon MOLLE Dump Pouch specifically to hold the Double Tap which will be secured by a holster beneath  the zipper opening along with a separate zippered pocket to hold the secondary barrel and ammo. They will also have an ankle and pocket holster, as well as a lanyard for simple belt loop retention. 

DeSantis Double Tap Belt Holster
Finally, for a more custom classy fit, DeSantis Gunhide is making a leather holster for the Double Tap plus a belt holster, concealed belt-clip holster, and a pocket holster that is secured with exterior hook and loop. Needless to say you now have options for that tiny blaster. Heizer Defense took the world by storm with their new design as we were aware from the initial buzz and the onslaught of people at their Booth at SHOT Show. They are not leaving their customers hanging without providing the means for proper gear to outfit their new Double Tap. 

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