Friday, March 9, 2012

Wilson Combat Super Sentinel .38 Super

If you are looking for a the smallest concealable automatic pistol chambered in .38 Super, then the Super Sentinel by Wilson Combat could be for you. This particular model provides superior power over its predecessor the 9mm Sentinel, which can give that extra sense of security provided with added stopping power for a concealed carrier. 

Wilson Combat Super Sentinel .38 Super
Now this is no Saturday Night Special and we are sure the price point will leave this gun right where it sits here on your computer screen. Lets just say this nearly $4k pistol could take down elephants and I would happily nod my head in awe, but keep the wallet securely affixed to my front pocket. This is especially the case when we are talking a very nice to look at pocket pistol. We will just wait for our good friend Donald  Trump to lay down the cash and join him at the range. Check out full specs and optional goodies at:

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