Friday, March 9, 2012

What's the Crye Submission Look LIke? You Won't See it Here!

We certainly are wondering what Crye Precision is bringing to the plate. With all of finalist camouflage patterns out in the open, only the boys from Brooklyn remain hidden from the view of the general public. Mindless speculation is always fun although typically wrong in the end. However it is Friday and sometimes the happy hour starts early in this office.

Starting with the Woodland variant, we have a photo submitted by a big follower of camouflage who shall go nameless to protect the innocent and young at heart. You may be familiar with the Slovenian defense force and if you are, you will know that they are fine purveyors camouflage utilizing all types of designs. The darker greens in this ""Woodland Multicam""* (double quotations and asterisk for effect) provide much better woodland concealment as soldiers dangle from the canopies or hide among the mossy recesses.

This photo below displays presumably a Slovenian Special Ops soldier distinguished by black out makeup, decked out in the finest woodland concealment known to man.  Of course this fact has not been tested, but look at the size of those buttons, clearly this is a fine crafted uniform with something that easy to grasp. While the beret and black boots are distracting, this is just one of many ruses to distract you for an extra tenth of a second while this fine marksman lays the hammer down. 

Slovenian Soldier in ""Woodland Multicam""* Unsubstantiated Pattern*
Next up is the transitional pattern known simply as MultiCam. You may have seen it previously utilized by every armed force in the known universe at one time or another including the Phoenix Herpetological Society after their split from the Arizona Herpetological Association in a move to differentiate themselves from the Woodland BDU previously utilized. The brutal fall out over unruly response times to gopher snake infestation can be to blame for the dissension. Of course there is the similar Mult-Terrain option utilized by the British who love to add their extra letters in the mix. We will just utilize the latter as the transitional example for reasons you shall soon realize and time constraints to find a proper MultiCam photo. Half off appetizers at Wally's starts in 30 minutes, ok!

MG Hook in MTP Smock
Photo by ISAFMedia
Finally we have a Desert Digital representation of Multicam. Essentially it is the Spanish knock off of the pattern with a little pixelation that "clearly" sets it apart along with their simplified colorway. Obviously they saw the advantage to utilizing MultiCam in Afghanistan and clearly with the euro crisis they had to find ways to cut corners and make the pattern budget friendly. The photo below gives you a good view of the Spanish camouflage known as M09 Ejercito Pixelado as the Spanish Commander of PRT Bagdhis welcomes an enemy combatant turning in his weapons. The gigantic sword must be a family heirloom. See how they fit pixelated (translated) in the name, total game changer. You can see in the photo above how the edges are blocked off which truly discerns it from its U.S. cousin. See what we did there, neither did we.

Spectrum 64 Camouflage (Left - Col Demetrio Garcia, Spanish Army)
So does this give you any better indication as to what Crye Precision turned in as their Family of Patterns for the U.S. Army Camouflage Submission? We didn't think so, but at least you can imagine how it will be copied and utilized across the globe without any licensing fees. Sure the U.S. Army can get off on the cheap by creating a contest to pit different designers against each other to see who will deliver the best total package, but the Nambibia Coast Guard will be at the ready with a photo scanner and seamstress to outfit their members with one fancy pattern. 

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