Tuesday, March 27, 2012

U.S. Army Veteran Charged as Hired Hitman

Some real life stories are too crazy for fiction. ABC news reported that DEA agents have arrested a former U.S. soldier who served in Afghanistan, with multiple charges including Murder for Hire. He was just discharged this month, but this was an ongoing sting.  Do we think this is a blow to the Army, not for a second, nor do we think the media is trying to slant it that way, thus far. With an institution this large you are bound to have some miscreants who go down the wrong path and to find ways to benefit themselves.

Kevin D. Corley (The Accused) Photo by Colorado County Sheriff's Office
The scheme seems simple enough, but apparently the accused lynch pin  had a gang including relatives preparing the hit and one of the four were killed while the DEA moved in to make the final apprehension before their plan was put into place. They even note he was going to use a Ka-Bar to carve a Z in the targeted gang member's chest to show that the Zetas were involved followed by a hatchet job, which is not unheard of in these circles to drive home a ghastly point. Clearly this showdown wasn't a clean job in itself, though you never know what could be the circumstances that caused this till the full story is out. 

The report also states that he provided rifles, an airsoft gun (whaaa?), and armor vests. He was also going to provide tactical training (airsoft?), which really makes you wonder how the cartels are becoming so efficient at their scheming and extreme viciousness. Also makes you wonder where some missing items go after base lockdowns are put into place due to missing weaponry, night vision goggles, etc. 

Now this was obviously a set up from the beginning with undercover agents posing as cartel members, but obviously the circumstances were not too controlled if the final arrest involved one of the suspects to be killed. The Mexican government has a giant mess on their hands that has left thousands dead in their country including Federal Agents, Local Police, Politicians, Military, Music Stars, and don't forget the cartel members along with innocent citizens caught in the crossfire. Even U.S. Border Police, Law Enforcement officers, and U.S Citizens have been killed with the on going cartel battles. 

Now the DEA has active US Military pursuing the drug trade and integrating themselves into the violence. There is no doubt that Mexican legal system is infiltrated with lobbyists bought and paid for by the Drug Cartels. Their "protection" spans all levels throughout the country. However, with the intrigue behind "Fast and Furious" with the BATFE as covered throughout all news outlets and now this separate incident out in the open, it is truly disheartening to wonder how involved our own citizens and public safety officials are in cooperating with the drug cartels to make a quick dirty buck. Obviously the drug cartels are doing what they feel is in their own best interest and it is a small price to pay for influence.

We are not ones to throw around false accusations, but it would be naive at this point to not consider the possibilities and certainly not paranoid to look into how deep the network runs within our own system. The stories revealed are just those that are now public knowledge, and that could just be the tip of the iceberg. When drug money paid to look the other way makes public servant wages look like a pittance, there are certainly reason to believe greedy minds will follow. You never know how something like this could be spun, but if initial reports and accusations are correct, there was a good reckoning that took place to get these guys behind bars and one not as lucky. There certainly could be completely new details tomorrow or in the upcoming weeks that totally drive the story elsewhere.

We didn't give away the full plot, so read the story at:

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