Thursday, March 29, 2012

US Army Scanning Brains for Sharpshooters

If you found yourself to be the Where's Waldo Champion at school, then the Army could want you to help them shoots some bad guys. Now that may be a simplistic way of looking at an half million dollar program looking to see if some soldiers are innately better or can be trained at finding enemy combatants that are out of place in the surrounding environment despite their camouflaged concealment. 

While this can certainly aid in a marksman's ability to hunt down their foe, it certainly does not give them the ability to put a bullet on target under numerous conditions, which is the obvious necessity for a sharpshooter. Of course with three years and a half million dollars spent, they could put the MRI to work in seeking out this ability as well.

Below is the local newscast from Augusta, GA giving the full rundown on the study out of Georgia Health Services University for the Office of Army Research. One would presume that if this ability can be trained, then the best students would make for great testers of those camouflage options being selected for consideration by the US Army in real world conditions. 

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