Thursday, March 22, 2012

True North Converts to MOLLE Gear

In another cross over move the firefighter and public safety gear manufacturer True North has introduced PALS webbing to their load bearing waist-belt pack systems including their Spyder Gear and Fireball packs.  Clearly the MOLLE system has grown in popularity over the years with its widespread military and  LEO application in operational equipment. While sometimes it takes a good beating with constant consumer requests before a manufacturer catches on as to what needs to be innovated, other times companies see where the trend is moving and get a jump on things. We are not sure what the case may be here.

True North Spyder Gear MOLLE/ALICE Hybrid System 
The move by True North to a more up to date and proven attachment system was probably spawned from consumer sentiment and its universal use by pouch and pack manufacturers. It is always interesting to see how the market drives innovation and the gear company did not leave their customers adrift with useless pouches for their new MOLLE gear.

Previously True North utilized the ALICE system which has lost favor  over the past decade, but many firefighters, search and rescue, and other public safety members have the old ALICE pouches and packs. The company developed a hybrid system for their new gear that allows backwards compatibility with the old individual carrying kit.

True North Fireball Pack
We think it is great that True North is moving on to the new load bearing system and now the professionals that utilize their gear will have the opportunity to choose the components that best fit their needs, but also choose from a variety of other manufacturers that design unique equipment that they need. Mixing and matching is a great way of getting the best kit possible, whether you are a medic, EOD tech, SAR responder, or a wildland firefighter which is just one of the clientele which they focus their gear. 

For the time being MOLLE the most universally used system and will probably be around for a while. It has nothing to do with being tactical and you definitely don't see that word in their product information. Sometimes it just pays off to give the people what they need. See their full line of products at

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