Sunday, March 18, 2012

STD Awareness in Military History

No one can debate that the gift that keeps on giving doesn't effect all walks of like. Some military personnel have certainly had their fair share of visits to the health clinic over the years. This is no secret and there are plenty of campaigns to raise awareness of various sexually transmitted diseases among others. Perhaps Syphilis and Gonorrhea are no longer a threat with the advent of amazing antibiotics to get the red and green out.

STD Awareness in the Military
There are plenty of substitute diseases that are incurable and simple a bummer to catch, not to mention the rabies scourge the Army hopes to fight overseas. What is so great about STD prevention prior to the age of political correctness is the straight up directness in getting the point across. The military did not pull punches in putting ladies of ill repute at the forefront along with some fun military vernacular. Plus, what is scarier than just seeing diseases like Syphilis and Gonorrhea in block lettering. 

Above is one great poster put out to fight STD's prior to 1950's. We definitely don't think a poster insinuating that an infected trollop is an enemy combatant with her cross hairs on your nether regions. This certainly would not fly in age where servicewomen would have the same concern for contamination. A whole collection of these great posters have been put on display at

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