Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Silencerco has Reason to Celebrate

On April 28th in Dallas, Texas at the Elm fork Shooting Sports range Silencerco is hosting their first annual Silencers are Legal event. They have been leading the cause for further legalization of firearms silencers of all types for all shooting activities.

Big strides were made in Arizona just yesterday as the State Senate Judiciary Committee furthered a bill that would allow the use of silencers while hunting. Similar bills are gaining traction in Georgia, Texas, Indiana and Oklahoma thanks to the hard work of Silencerco. 

Obviously they have a dog in this fight, but the true winner will be the hunters that can have the choice to utilize their's and competitor's products without the impediment of unsubstantiated blather as to why silencers should not be used. Multiple firearms and silencer manufacturers will be on hand for the family friendly event that is open to the public for open range suppressed shooting. Proceeds from the event will go toward the American Silencer Association to educate the public on the use of silencers and further the efforts of the industry. 

In related firearms legal news the Arizona State Judiciary Committee also put forth House Bill 2640 which would ensure that the Game and Fish Commission could no longer restrict magazine capacity for hunting. Currently ammunition magazines can not accept more than five rounds when utilized for hunting. We provided the bill below, which as with the Silencer focused legislation is very straightforward and easy to understand what is being changed. We are sure there are detractors that have their reasons why this should not go through, but we are more concerned with why it needs to pass.
Arizona HB 2640

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