Thursday, March 15, 2012

Olympic Sailing Team take SEAL Training

We don't know how intense the training went or the length of time that it was provided, but this Navy Photo shows sailors from the US Olympic Team undergoing mental toughness training. Navy SEAL instructors were hand to inflict provide the physical and mental conditioning at the Olympic Training Center. We are sure it was appreciated in the end, but perhaps not at this particular moment in the photo with a 200+ log in their grasps.
US Olympic Sailing Team Undergo "Navy SEAL Training"
Photo from US Navy PO3 Lamb

The athletes that participate in the Olympics are of course physically tuned specimens that can complete the tasks required in their sport like no other in the world. However, if they don't have the focus and mental drive to maintain their performance throughout the event, it is all for naught. The Summer Olympic games will quickly come and go, so hopefully with this added expert training, our sailing team will have the upper hand. 

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