Monday, March 26, 2012

Noro Rainwater Catchment and Filtration System

Looking at the Noro from different angles one may first think this is some newfangled weapon design, while in reality this is a great prototype representation of what the inventors are calling a Rainwater Catchment & Filtration System. Anyone that has gone out on extended trips outdoors away from the conveniences of civilization knows that a clean water is at the utmost importance. It certainly is not always convenient to carry the necessary water needed and access to a reliable water source. 

With the Noro you have a water purification device that has built in capability for easy mobility and functionality for multiple means of bringing water into the system. You can bring water in from bodies of water through the typical scoop action into the top of the device or if precipitation is present, the water can be caught with the upper expandable catchment system. They show a hydration line that leads direct to the system with a simple sling style carry strap. 

Noro Rainwater Catchment and Filtration System
Sure it is a simple concept, but these guys are putting it into action by putting all the pieces together. They are currently working to scale it down for an even smaller design and improvement in the actual catchment system.  The team of designers is updating their progress at: under the designer's portfolio section.

Noro Prototype Function Shot. 
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  1. Very simple concept yet so amazing. I love how motivated they are to invent such amazing products like this. This new filtration system will definitely help everyone to save more water. dewatering sludge