Saturday, March 10, 2012

New PPC and Improved IFAK US Army Recap

We had previously covered the new gear created at Natick Labs including the Pelvic Protection System for groin area defense and the revamped IFAK that provides a more ergonomic placement of the first aid kit for each carry and freedom of movement. Without further adieu, here is the video covering the Tier 1 and 2 system for the PPC also known as the PUG and POG. This definitely mirrors the two part system utilized by British forces and the secondary PUG looks a lot like BCB Industries Blast Boxers. We also get the proper pronunciation of the POG with thankfully is different from the derogatory term.

This video gives a full overview of the improved IFAK and a public like at its rear placement. It definitely makes more sense in terms of getting out of the way of other gear that will be more readily used. Besides the great slot design, also provides for increased capacity, and the ability to stack on additional pouches with the PALS while maintaining a low profile. 

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