Saturday, March 3, 2012

New MBS-2 Combat Uniform in MultiCam

The second generation of SPECOPS MBS uniform adds specific features to meet the needs of Polish Special Forces in Afghanistan. This includes a more durable construction, modified cargo pockets and a very specific mounting for the issued wz.93 assault knife. They have moved the field dressing pouch forward on the pants and simplified the calf zippers.

SPECOPS MBS-2 Trousers - Pocket Knife Mount
The MBS-2 Uniform is manufactured in mil-spec NYCO Fabric and is available for military purchase in Olive, Black, Khaki, MultiCam, and the PenCott family of camouflage patterns. 

MBS-2 Combat Uniform Pants in MultiCam Camouflage
Another new item from SPECOPS being utilized by Polish soldiers is the ZMKT-2 quick release vest. This integrates two soft ballistic inserts, which can be customized to meet the needs of the end user. It can carry two large SAPI front and rear armor plates as well as two side plates for  all around coverage. 

SPECOPS MBS-2 Uniform with ZMKT-2 QR Vest
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