Sunday, March 25, 2012

New EFFIN Compensators from Ares Armor

The EFFIN-A Compensator 556 for the AR-15/M4 rifle platform has had much success since its initial introduction. We have covered a couple outside reviews here that showed the effectiveness of the rifle accessory in reducing muzzle climb with its custom tuneable design. A common question we received from those interested in the comp is when will it be released for a 7.62 and .308 caliber rifles. Muzzle climb is much more noticeable with these higher caliber firearms and finding a tool to improve quicker repeated target acquisition is certainly in demand. 

Ares Armor EFFIN Compensator for AR-10 .308
Ares Armor just recently released this sneak peak of the AR-10 platform .308 version of the compensator as shown below. You will also soon be able to purchase this option as well as an AK47 7.62X39 variation. As you can see, the actual design has not changed much and the aesthetic has been toned down with a different finish. It will still have the ability to be tuned and stacked for your rifle's custom performance. Additional details will be released soon. All three options will be available at

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