Sunday, March 11, 2012

NatGeo Navajo Cops: Policing the Rez

Doomsday Preppers seems to have a big follow thus far an National Geographic channel is certainly not one to rest on their laurels. Production based reality based TV can certainly draw some intrigue if you can get the right characters together and chop hours of footage down to a half hour segment with something that will make you go huh? 

The new reservation based version of COPS with the Navajo PD on the beat certainly looks no different. Having driven the major road running through the Navajo nation as shown in some of the previews, I have certainly minded my p's and q's to not get pulled over for speeding as a run in with the Navajo police can certainly be interesting. However, it never crossed my mind what went on in the hundreds of square miles that surrounded me, so it will be interesting to see the goings on for the law enforcement that must cover a lot of desolate area to keep on top of things.

Clearly from the few clips out, alcohol and other substance abuse may be the major problem plaguing the daily grind for these police. This should play well for the producers and those being arrested seem to help out by hamming it up for the camera. Unfortunately like many of these shows, some of the actual events are exaggerated for effect and the production value is in full force. I just hope Steven Seagal gets word by season two so he can bring his Native American healing powers and super policing skills to really up the ante with cracking down on the Rez.

Navajo Cops starts up tomorrow at 10PM EST. I was going to include a video, but they have a horrible ad running on a loop, which makes viewing the our site unbearable. So, give us a hand and check out this sample of: Navajo Cops

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  1. I saw last season where they confiscated a CCW of his weapons and were talking like they had done a great thing and in their words "got another gun off the street." From the attitude they give off they are on some power trip. I know they go overboard for the camera but to deal with legally armed citizens as if they were criminals... Crap show and I will never watch it again.