Sunday, March 11, 2012

Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Tactical Bag

If you are big fan of the Konami hit video game, then you may have some importing to do. Volk Tactical Gear is churning out a commemorative Metal Gear 25th Tactical bag to mark their silver anniversary. This is quite an impressive feat considering the state of gaming back in the 80's. Single strap sling bags are picking up in popularity and their design is rather simple with a GP Main compartment with panel to section off the rear and a separate pouch to stick a PlayStation Vita.

Metal Gear 25th Tactical Bag
The bag is manufactured by Volk in Japan with materilas that are imported from the U.S. including Crye Precision MultiCam Cordura,  ITW finishings, and Velcro loop. Its nice to see some U.S. exports at work. In additional to the MultiCam camouflage, you can purchase the pack in black at Konami's product store:

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