Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Loadout Room Kicks Off with A-TACS FG

As previously covered, we had a pre-production sample of the A-TACS FG uniform and knew we had to get it out to someone that is familiar with camouflage uniforms and would offer a proper review of the new pattern. Jack Murphy has had a lot of experience with multiple concealment options during his service and has reviewed a few patterns from different camouflage designers. He is now at Special Operations Forces Report and agreed to review the new pattern as offered on Propper's ACU Coat, Pants, and Boonie Hat.

A-TACS FG ACU Reviewed at The Loadout Room
This was the first review for The Loadout Room, which is the new hardcore site for gear and guns developed by the three Spec Ops guys who you have seen writing at Kitup! over the past year. They moved on to their new site and now developed a great gathering place to see First line gear covering clothing, Second line for Guns and Ammo, and Third line gear to review packs and other sustainment kit. 

See the first review for the new A-TACS FG Camo at:

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