Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Katadyn Pocket Pump Water Filter

If you have been looking for a high end portable water filter that will stand the test of time, then definitely check out this option from Swiss Made Katadyne. The Pocket can treat up to 13,000 gallons and has a ceramic filter that can be cleaned and replaced. It also has a 20 year warranty, so unless you are moving completely off the grid, you will definitely get your money's worth at 2 gallons per day. 

Katadyn Water Filter
The video shows how easy the system is to use if you had any doubts about its performance. It weighs in at 1.25 pounds and has a low profile to shove in a pack. It comes complete with a pouch and bottle clip. If you have a guaranteed natural water source, this definitely makes for a replacement in lugging around cumbersome water bladders for multi-day treks or out of the way refilling stations. 

H/T: Gear Shout

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