Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Invisible Mercedes

Blending or mimicry are great ways to camouflage something in the environment around it, however making an object disappear by making it a mirror reflection of the background is highly effective, especially at tactical distances. Mercedes-Benz has taken 21st Century technology with LED panels and a video recorder that captures the background of the car and reflecting it on the screen.

While this is hardly a new concept, it certainly captures your attentions and beats the hell out of the GM Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles recently presented to the US Army with just some digital camo paint on the rear and hood. This marketing ploy was  geared toward the a similar market looking for a zero emission car and promotes Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology by stating, "Invisible to the Environment". 

Clearly we don't need invisible cars driving around on the freeway and the actual power source needed for the LED screen may be a hindrance to military application, unless of course that technology is already in plain use without our knowledge. The bulk added to a uniform may also be a problem in this being an end all solution to military camouflage. Of course these German marketeers make you wonder what is the hold up and if it is in use, let us see. Kudos to Mercedes for having the couth to not utilize "Dude Where's My Car" in some fashion, we probably would have rode it to the bank. 

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