Friday, March 30, 2012

Internal Cartridge Corporation Frangible Ammo Test

We thought this was a great way to portray how effective your ammunition is at close range without the danger of ricochet or injury to the shooter. The test shown in the video utilizes  Green Elite™ HP Duty  Frangible rounds from International Cartridge Corporation in multiple  Obviously this is a controlled environment with ammo that is meant to disintegrate into small pieces and shouldn't be repeated. 

Green Elite™ HP Duty Frangible Ammunition 9MM
There is a lot of talk in the firearms community at large about the effectiveness of certain weapons in close quarters without injury to bystanders while maintaining the intended consequence for the target. Perhaps additional testing can be shown with impact on softer materials, but this clearly gives the intended impression sought out. ICC notes that these rounds are more environmentally safe and health conscious, which is a whole other issue going about, you can research that on your own time. 

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