Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hera Arms IWA and Outdoor Classics 2012

One company that we kept coming back to when looking at the various manufactures present at IWA was the  home town German company Hera Arms. Multi Purpose Safety Selector system or simply MPSS gives all of those looking to color coordinate their AR-15 platform rifles with one more extra add on that can be customized as the individual sees fit.

Hera Arms Multi Purpose Safety Selector (MPSS)
Perhaps you want to swap in Foliage Green one week, while at other times you are feeling more like having a Flat Dark Earth range day. Of course, you can never go wrong with black and perhaps that is how you want to play it safe. You already have three color sets of Magpul accessories, so the Hera Arms MPSS is just a one buy catch all way of matching your selector with the rest of the collection. The video below from their US distributor Lan World shows you how easy it is to swap it all out. 

Hera Arms Triarii RTU
Next up on the pistol side of the spectrum is the Triarii RTU. This the same pistol carbine conversion kit of ole, but now comes standard with their "Ready To Use" packing including six position butt stock as well as Magpul front/rear sights, and Angled Fore Grip. This can come in black or tan. Of course with this, you have the SBR regulation issue, which makes it suitable for law enforcement or military use, unless of course you are ready to dish out the cash and properly register. Then again you can get the original version without stock. This video shows how easy it is to ready your pistol for quick use. 

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