Friday, March 16, 2012

Game and Fish Clean Up in Camouflage

It may not be intuitive and perhaps it is more of a necessity in the wilderness of California, but the State Game wardens are the law enforcement when it comes to remote areas of our state park systems. It certainly can be a dangerous job when you have pot growers picking these well hidden areas to run their operations. It also doesn't help when fugitives from the law and other society misfits decide to escape their crimes into these parts thinking that no one can find them there. 

This video shows Game and Fish wardens cleaning up shop after a grow operation was previously busted. It turns out someone has to do it and we are sure it is not all fun and games except for pocketing some free Hoppes lube. What caught our attention here is the various camouflage uniforms being worn. The first is rather obvious with the Digital Woodland design, but the second warden definitely has a rather different pattern we have not seen before. Of course you have the hunter camo, which is always an effective option for concealment in these environments. 

It is no surprise to see some military camouflage on hand as many times you will find former servicemen moving on to these positions. The training provided carries over to this outdoor lover's dream job, whether it be as a State Game Warden, National Forest Ranger, or related service. There is definitely an affinity for MultiCam among the DEA as well as many other agencies in California and the Pacific Northwest, but we are also seeing many other camouflage patterns getting notice given the different terrain across the nation. 

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