Thursday, March 15, 2012

Camouflage at IWA 2012

European military clothing manufacturers are having a field day with the latest camouflage patterns out on the market. Some of the designs coming out pretty interesting to say the least, but you can definitely tell the angle of the dangle on the approach taken by these companies. The Tactical and Outdoor Gear Blog, had a lot of great coverage of multiple European military clothing manufacturers as well as quite a few U.S. based companies. 

Defcon5 out of Italy was on hand at IWA where they showed off their MultiCam and Vegetato camo lovechild that they call Multiland on their new boonie hat. It is essentially the Vegetato pattern with the MultiCam Colorway.

DEFCON 5 Multiland Boonie Hat

The Polish manufacturer Helikon Tex had their own interesting camouflage display on hand at their IWA booth. What stands out is their Field Parka and disparate pattern used on the patrol cap. It would appear at a glance that this is the British MTP pattern, but knowing they have their own MultiCam knockoff called Camogrom. It is not clear if they are manufacturing this for the British military which is the only user of the Multi-Terrain Pattern nor has a name been listed in conjunction with this photo, but you can make your own assumption on this one. Plenty of other companies including Polish and Italian manufacturers are utilizing the actual MultiCam pattern and doing just fine. 

Helikon Tex IWA and Outdoor Classics 2012
Finally we have some real deal PenCott GreenZone pattern utilized by Sabre out of Germany on their own Smock. The design looks great and it can be tough to see all the features when shown in camouflage, but you can definitely see some interesting concepts including the attachment loops on the shoulders. We hope to see more on their use of the PenCott family of patterns soon. 

Sabre Smock in PenCott GreenZone Camouflage
We don't want to give away all the great photos offered by our friends over in Poland. They have a great photo of the new A-TACS FG Camo utilized on a rifle as well as many other great shots from IWA that you will surely appreciate. Check out their full photo layout at

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