Friday, March 2, 2012

British and Afghan Forces Cleaning House for Taliban

We thought this was a great shot of a British Brigade Recon Force along with Afghan soldiers after seizing a 82mm Recoilless Rifle among other weapons at a Taliban Compound. This is a pretty big grab as it is just one of the few weapons in their arsenal to use against armor utilized by ISAF/NATO Forces.
British and Afghan Forces Raid Taliban Compound
Photo by Sgt Calder Crown Copyright MOD 2012
We had seen Afghan forces utilizing Desert Stripe Camouflage along with Desert DPM in conjunction with joint British operations. This is a pretty cool look at how to make a quick view/shooting portal in the dirt walls of their compounds. We are sure that pitchfork could certainly make a dual purpose weapon in a pinch.

US Forces have their own Recoilless Rifle that they are looking to increase inventory in Afghanistan with the M3 Carl Gustaf MAAWS. This has an 84mm round and you can see it in use with this video recently taken in field where the US Army 1st Armor Division tested the rifle. While the Taliban are not much of an armored force, we are sure this can be a multipurpose tool in their defeat. 

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