Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Boston Dynamics Cheetah: Fastest Robot Yet

We have covered the latest robots created for DARPA with the Big Dog and more recently the Robo Mule. The speed on the latter received lackluster response. Well, the new Cheetah from Boston Dynamics should certain grab your attention. 

At a speed of up to 18 miles per hour, this is definitely an impressive ground bot. It is noted that the ariculated back gives it the Cheetah an added advantage over other comparable bots in that it can flex its body much like the real cat in order to gain the extra boost of power from the added agility. While the real deal Cheetah can pull in speeds of 70 mph+, these strides are short lived compared to the possible output you can get out of a controlled robot. Not to mention the difficulty in getting a wild cat to run your errands for you. 

The robot was created in conjunction with DARPA's M3 Program for Maximum Mobility and Manipulation. 
The organization is keeping its purpose under wraps but they do allude to the need for quick ground robots for EOD missions. Perhaps that has no bearing on this robot, but it is definite interesting to see what they have up their sleeve for possible future use. Even if they don't have an intended purpose, they can certainly know it is possible. 

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