Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boker Knives 2012 Catalog

We have become well acquainted with the Boker brand over the years and their is a lot to like. With over one hundred and forty years in the industry of designing blades, Boker has a storied past to say the least. The roots go even further back with tool development. Their Outdoor and Collection catalog provided below is a testament to their wide variety of knives offered and this doesn't even run the full gamut as they have an entire catalog dedicated to their kitchen cutlery that is not shown here.  

The catalog shown is in German as it gives a much more comprehensive overview than those presented in English. So, enjoy the photos if you are not German literate and you can read up on on the details of a particular knife that strikes your fancy at their website, where English translation can be found. They have a lot of new blades in all styles and functions as well as a broad international section with some US based brands including CRKT and Spyderco.

Full specs can be found at:

Boker Outdoor and Collection Catalog

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