Friday, March 16, 2012

BCS Pull Forward Lat Strap System Demonstration

Beez Combat Systems has a wide range of custom chest rigs for all types of weapons systems and plenty of options to match. Their pull forward lat strap design provides for an easy means of adjusting your rig out in the field without taking everything off for a quick fix. The video below gives a great demonstration on how to adjust the straps either horizontal or vertically during a live fire drill with an AMD-65 rifle, utilizing their AK47 Chest Rig.

A lot of times a quick video can go a long way in showing proper use of gear. We know we have saved a lot of times on different tasks through the wonders of Youtube. The pull forward strap system is also available on their 762, AK74, Recon/LE, Saiga-12, and Tactical Shotgun Shell Chest Rigs. Their MultiCam version is shown in the video and is also available in A-TACS AU or FG with matching webbing, as well as Woodland camouflage, and popular solid colors. 

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