Monday, February 20, 2012

Zombie Industries 3-D Targets Catalog

We had covered these three dimensional targets as featured at the Media Range Day and SHOT Show exhibition. Zombie Industries has provided us with their full online color catalog, which gives the full overview to properly understand how the targets function. You can also see their full line of targets from terrorists to cartel members.

Sure the zombie concept has been blown out of proportion from a marketing standpoint, but we are sure many that watched the Walking Dead last night or caught the latest Osombie trailer are probably hankering to shoot a zombie. The trend is in full swing and who knows where it will lead, but these targets provide a means for real life target engagement that gives the impetus for shooting the human form. 

Zombie Industries 3-D Targets
Zombie Industries provides multiple options for picking your favorite target. You can choose from a teenage terrorist to a burkha babe for the Afghanistan slant. Perhaps a North African terrorist or a drug cartel member is to your liking, although the latter just looks like one of my neighbors. They also have a zombie with external organ visualization, so you know exactly where to aim for a literal kidney shot. 

Everyone knows if it bleeds it leads, so why not have a selection that leaks blood from key zones upon impact. In the scheme of things they really covered the bases to bring target training to a whole new level. Who cares if they threw in some marketing zeal to attract the attention factor. If it works, and improves the experience, people will buy it. 

Zombie Industries 3-D Targets Catalog

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