Monday, February 27, 2012

US Army iCVC and A2CU Uniform Consolidation

Here is a great concept that the US Army can really sink its teeth into by providing a simpler way in which they supply various uniforms to its soldiers. A new RFI put up last week by PEO Soldier, PM-SCIE is requesting that companies submit their ideas for consolidating the Improved Combat Vehicle Crewman Coverall and the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform. 

US Army Aircrew
Photo by US Army Spc. Ware
The new combined A2CU/iCVC uniform will be required to have a lighter fabric with better flame resistance that the two existing options they want to coalesce. It also must be printable in the current UCP (ACU) and OCP (MultiCam) camouflage patterns as well as potential future options along with NIR compliancy. Interestingly they give little guidance as to the preference of a coverall or two piece design, but leave that decision up to the manufacturer. 

Improved Combat Vehicle Crewman Uniform
Photo by PEO Soldier
Hopefully the key data for a preferable option will be taken from the soldiers that will have to wear the uniform being utilized with armor or air vehicles.  Perhaps a consensus can be determined despite differing opinions on the iCVC and A2CU currently in use. This is merely an RFI, so they will take the findings and determine if there are good enough improvements possible to warrant an official solicitation for an actual end product to be utilized by the Army. 

Obviously an improved uniform would be a great addition for all armor and aviation crew, despite the recent innovations already made. Also with any cost savings the consolidations appears to make perfect sense, especially with a DOD finding any possible area to cut the clean up their budget. Of course there will be plenty of naysayers noting this is just another way to keep busy and spend funds and they certainly have their right to an opinion. View the full Request For Information at

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