Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Under Armour Speed Freak Boots: Glorified Tennis Shoes?

We have seen Nutnfancy review a knife for a good 20-40 minutes, without a problem of pointing out every particle of the blade. So, who would have thought he would be so knowledgeable about boots. He is often filmed out in the wilderness, so a wide variety of products can be put to the test at the same time in the field.

A lot of what he says is perfectly logical given personal impressions. The waterproofing aspect is spot on, since boots meant for speed can certainly trap in more moisture than the concern of what they let in. Perhaps the focus of the boot was missed even though he danced around the concept fairly well. There are particular aspects of this review that will certainly sting for UnderArmour in regard to their Speed Freek Boot. 

Under Armour is certainly looking to make strides in their tactical line. Here is a shot we got of their Soft Shell Jacket with the bicep pocket mentioned earlier in the week. You even get the patch thrown into the package. Interestingly they even have their own military style camouflage that is still in the works. They had a pack on hand in the camo, but it was off limits to our cameras. Lets just say it goes hand in hand with what they have going on here. 

Under Armour Tactical Soft Shell Jacket
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