Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tiger Stripes in the Field, Hunter Camo for the Cameras

We had covered Commander Azizullah at the beginning of the year and his penchant for US gucci gear, albeit some may be knock off or at least "altered" to his taste. Here is some great reel as his Afghan Local Police helping out Provinicial Reconstruction Team by sniffing out an IED before it can causing any harm. ALP is a deceiving terminology as Azizullah has been working with coalition forces from toward the start of Operation Enduring Freedom in helping hunt down Taliban and apparently their explosives as well. 

We are sure there are plenty of ISAF/NATO forces that would be happy with all Afghan forces providing support in such a manner. Of particular interest on the clothing tip is the little sit down they had with the Commander from the Paktika province and his transformation out of his combat ready uniform. You can take the man out of the field and put him in front of a camera, but he still represents with some button up hunter camo. 

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