Thursday, February 9, 2012

Survival Preparedness: Doomsday Preppers Wood Fueled Truck

Nat Geo launched their new Doomsday Preppers series this week, and we certainly tuned in to see how they would spin the story of everyday people preparing for survival if a worst case scenario arose. The producers certainly put a wacko twist to the coverage by having each subject give their reason for prepping i.e. Super Volcano, Hyperinflation, Zombie Apocalypse, and our personal favorite advanced ape evolutionary explosion. They made sure to correct any inaccuracies of the prepper's doomsday logic at the end of a segment.

A lot of the first episode was a primer for what you typically see in the basic guides including food storage, bug out bags, and shelter. However, after checking out some upcoming episodes, we came across a prepper that has a wood fueled truck among other items powered by tree. It shall be interesting to see how they keep this show going with fresh content. Taking aim at your own house and blasting it with a .22 rifle is interesting, but will some of these quirkier produced segments hold steam? Here a clip from one episode with the wood fueled truck toward the end. 

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