Monday, February 20, 2012

S.T.A. Training Group Humvee

While we were down at Cabela's this weekend S.T.A. Training Group was also on hand with their customized Humvee. This military vehicle definitely put on a show as it features a roof mounted Dillon Aero M134D Gatling Gun, as well as a tactical wet dream for seat covers. We hope the fliers and other decals helped keep onlookers from bothering the guys with purchase offers.

S.T.A Training Group Humvee with Dillon Aero Gatling Gun
S.T.A. is based out of Peoria, AZ  with their training facilities in the far North of the Phoenix metro area. The group was started by Marine Corps Scout Snipers and Firefighters and provide training courses in sniper tactics, as well as combat and specialized medical training for military, LEO, and security contractors. They also integrate martial arts, physical fitness, and related topics for the professional tactician in all walks of life. It is no coincidence that they made a weekend of it putting their Humvee on display along with the Jeep from POF-USA as noted on Saturday as one of the instructors is an employee of the rifle manufacturer. 

M.O.L.L.E. Compatible MultiCam Seat Covers
While camouflage concealment isn't the utmost concern for seat covers, neither is it the case for curtains or a bedspread, but people seem to buy those as well. Clearly it makes for a great aesthetic especially with a vehicle like this. Throw on some PALS webbing on the real to attach your pouches  or pack that you don't want flopping about along with padded cushioning at the more necessary contact points and you incorporate a whole lot of function to the MultiCam seat covers. Obviously this customization is no stretch for any fabricator, and we are sure many pickup owners would buy these up if given the opportunity. Now if only they had them for bench seats hmmm...

MultiCam Seat Covers
If you are not familiar with how the Dillon Aero Gatlin Gun works, we provided a shot from the History Channel of the amazing weapon dumping brass. Dillon Aero is also another Arizona based weapon manufacturer that has had much success with their Gatlin Gun's use by the U.S. Army, which has been mounted to multiple helicopters, sea vessels, as well has Humvee and security vehicles. We guess it is just "luck" that there is so much great weaponry of all forms around us in the great state of Arizona.

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  1. Smittybuilt makes a similar seat cover (more of a seat vest) for Jeeps. It also comes with pouches. It would be great if a higher-quality manufacturer would pick up the design and implement an entire seat cover, and one that didn't fit badly or fade in a matter of days.