Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Special Ops Uniform in PenCott Camouflage Patterns

There is finally a Made in the USA uniform available in the PenCott Sandstorm, Badlands, and GreenZone camouflage patterns from Hyde Definition. The SpecOpShop has updated their customized military clothing to bring a GEN2 SOU Pant and Shirt to market with multiple options.  The final modifications and changes are done and the SOU is ready to go. 

The fact that you have options to choose from when ordering along with adding the PenCott multi-environment camouflage to the SOU, makes this combat uniform one of the most versatile to meet the needs specific to an AO or service. It is now available in eight camo patterns  including PenCott GreenZone, Badlands, and SandStorm, Multicam, ACU Digital, Woodland, 3-color Desert, and RealTree APG!), as well as four solid colors (Coyote Tan, OD Green, Ranger Green, and Black), not to mention you can send your own fabric to SpecOpShop if you need further customization to meet your needs. 

SOU Shirt in PenCott Badlands (Transitional) Camouflage

The SOU Shirt features a comboZipper/Velcro front closure and a mandarin collar for more comfort when wearing vests or plate carriers. There are three breast pocket options include outward, upright, or inward facing. Shoulder Pockets have hidden front edge zipper making access to the pocket silent, quick, and ergonomic. Standard 4" wide Velcro on shoulder pockets allows for affixing insignia and there is an option to remove this when ordering.

SOU Shirt Forearm Pocket
The addition of nametap and branch loop above the breast pockets are optional as well. There are pockets on both forearms, the left arm has a center seam that is big enough for chemlights, while the right forearm has no seam.

The cuffs have buttons instead of noisy Velcro, and the optional tails are available for those that prefer to tuck in  their shirt, but they are not so pronounced that the shirt can't be worn un-tucked. Gussetted armpits allow for added comfort and free range of motion

The big change on the SOU Pants with the latest incarnation is a zipper fly with Velcro tabbed top instead of buttons, and additional pockets in front and above the cargo pockets. The pants also feature 1" wide belt loops with top grade ITW-Nexus Tri-Rings on the front two loops. Military customer feedback presented the genius idea of an additional belt loop on each side to provide support of a drop-leg holster and keep it from twisting away from your side. A big creature comfort is the gusseted crotch, which provides you with that little extra room during intense activity in the field.

SOU Pants in PenCott Badlands Camo

The SOU Pants will not leave you lacking for easy carry of equipment in the field.  There are hip pockets that end at the outseam with a flat webbing reinforced clip-on knife or multi-tool holder. The cargo pockets have 3 buttons along with hidden zipper front edge access while riding in a vehicle or kneeling. Each Cargo also has an elastic magazine holder, which securely keeps a full 30-round magazine right where you put it without bouncing around or falling to the bottom of  your pocket.

SOU Pant Cargo Pocket
Lower leg calf pockets have button closures instead of noisy Velcro. Velcro is utilized at the leg cuffs to provide for a snug fit and keep out the creepy crawlies.

Another option requested from SF personnel currently wearing the SOU, allows the addition of a lower leg zipper at the out-seam, which allows for you to easily un-don your pants without taking off your boots, because it is always better to have your boots on!

The SOU with full customization is now available for online order at

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  3. At DevGru (Dam Neck)... it's commonly referred to as "Guacaflauge" for it's Guacamole color. Only a few of the older officers are wearing it at this point but I see a few more every couple weeks.