Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SORD USA Multicam FR Combat Shirt

We have covered the necessity of flame resistant fabrics for the battlefield on many occasions. While camouflage may help conceal from the enemy, you also must be prepared for the unseen. This has driven the U.S. Army to issue uniforms with FR properties and have pushed the experts in private manufacturing to provide the best solution possible. 

SORD MultiCam FR Combat Shirt

With the new FR Combat Shirt being offered by SORD USA, 71% of the fabric is modacrylic which is flame retardant and self extinguishes. It also maintains its appearance, which goes hand in hand with colors stay for concealment properties of the MultiCam camouflage pattern. Another 24% of the fabric is FR Rayon, which increases protection as well as overall comfort. The final 5% is Spandex which ads elasticity and overall durability as form is kept through expansion and contraction. 

Aside from advanced protection in the material, the FR Combat shirt also is a knit fabric that wicks moisture away from the body and breathes well to improve cooling during high intensity activities. It has also received an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits odor. This treatment will not wash out. 

A half zip from the collar allows for additional venting. Key features for many military uniforms include loop faced bicep pockets to add patches and other identification with quiet zip openings an easy access.  The SORD USA MultiCam FR Combat Shirt is manufactured in the United States with US manufactured fabrics. We are now offering it online for immediate purchase at

SORD USA FR Combat Shirt in MultiCam Camouflage

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