Monday, February 20, 2012

SkyRFID Tracking for Weapons, Tactical, and more

Radio Frequency Identification Technology allows easy tracking of inventory through individual tagging of  stock. The tags are read by a PDA Scanner that can both read and write for identification purposes. SkyRFID has introduced their new tags specifically geared towards weaponry and complementary products. 

This is no new concept, but they have tweaked the product so that it works effectively in combat conditions that don't always provide the best operating environment for technological innovations. Apparently regular inventory checks are necessary for armories as missing weapons systems can be a big headache and just recently has caused the ire of many for base shut downs. 

SkyRFID PDA GEN 2 Reader Writer
We have provided a photo of one of SkyRFID's smallest tags in the upper right hand corner, which is just one of a dozen weapon specific options in their arsenal. Several of the tags can be concealed inside the weapon itself or concealed by an outer coating. While you have to be within a few meters of the inventory to getting a reading with the PDA device shown above, you can be thousands of miles away from your database as you can connect in through GPS to update or check stock figures. 

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