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SKD PIG Tactical Glove Review

Our friend over at The Gear Locker (TGL) got there hands on or should we say in to the new PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Glove (FDT-Alpha). SKD Tactical has been developing these gloves for two years and with their good eye for a high quality products, we assumed these would not be a disappointment. Below the image of the gloves, we have provided TGL's full review.

SKD Tactical: PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Glove
Right after TGL got back from SHOT, we saw that SKD Tactical  had released another item in their PIG line of equipment. This time, it was a pair of Tactical Gloves.

Being a sucker for testing tactical gloves, TGL reached out to SKD and were fortunate enough to get a pair sent to us for review. In speaking with the team at SKD, they decided to design their glove from the ground up over two years because there were no gloves on the market that were form-fitting. The SKD team felt that other gloves out on the market were detrimental to the shooter.  They knew that there were materials and ways to design a Tactical Glove that allowed the shooter to have the dexterity they needed to manipulate their weapon and magazines.

 PIG FDT-Alpha Glove - Black

What they came up with was the FDT-Alpha Glove. The features for this glove are:
  • Single Layer Multi-Piece Palm- Designed specifically so that only one layer of material contacts your shooting grip.
  • Sensitized and Isolated Trigger Finger- The thinnest available Clarino™ material available, only on the trigger finger for ultimate sensitivity.
  • Selective Forschette Material- Inside forschettes are ventilated for maximum wicking. Outer forschettes are Clarino for durability.
  • Low Profile Hook Closure- Reduces abrasion on clothing.
  • Flex Joints- Enhanced flexibility and ventilation on each finger.
  • Dual Flex Joint Trigger Finger- Providing maximum flexibility where you need it most.
  • Paracord Pull Loop- Featuring US made Milspec paracord.
  • Short Cuff- Lightweight comfort and convenience.
  • Micro Suede Nose Wipe- Fights against cold-weather drip.
  • Ventilation holes in Palms and Fingers- Increased wicking.
  • Isolated Edge Padding- Protection without compromising the shooting grip.
  • Wrap-Over Finger Tips- Provides additional protection for finger nails.
  • Padded Knuckles- Thin padding takes the edge off of impacts.
Upon receiving the gloves in the mail and taking them out of the package, the first thing you notice is that these gloves are not like your typical tactical glove. You do not have a hard knuckle overlay and at first look – they seem to be a cross between a driving glove, a batting glove, and a glove used by horseback riders.

SKD did warn me that they are snug (and a few of the on-line reviews note this),  and they were correct. When I slipped the gloves on, they were very form fitting, but I flexed my hands a few times and the gloves relaxed a bit.

I used them during a night of CQC airsoft at The Citadel and it allowed me to see how they would do over the course of the 5 hours of game play.

What I found I liked most was that snug fit. I did not have any issues manipulating my AEG or PMags.  In a way, it felt like I did not have gloves on at all. The padding on the glove was not to stiff or too much, and seemed to be the right amount for the glove. For indoor games, the glove did seem to be a little under-padded and would work best for outdoor events, days at the range, or training. For indoor airsoft, where engagements can be as close as 5 feet, the lack of knuckle padding was something to be aware of.

I will continue to use them for outdoor events , training, and time at the range, but depending on the indoor event, I may use my other gloves that have hard knuckle protection.

You can purchase these gloves from SKD Tactical directly for $34.95 and I would recommend checking them out if you are in the market for a tactical glove and want the feel of  sports style glove or do not like the feel of the hard knuckle gloves.

Thanks to the guys over at for allowing us to cross post their impression of the new SKD Pig Gloves. They have a couple great tactical gear reviews up already and we look forward to future coverage. 

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