Monday, February 13, 2012

Raider Magazine: 2012 Olympic Games Security

We just snagged the March edition of Raider Magazine and there are definitely a lot of good reads. London is gearing up for the 2012 Olympic games and military support will definitely be part of the equation to ensure a secure venue for the athletes. Unfortunately such a peaceful gathering of the worlds best and brightest has the prospect for violence as history has shown. 

Raider Magazine March 2012
Given the high profile of the events that take place and those around the globe glued to their tv screens for their favorite sports, there is certainly an audience drawing the attention of terrorists for potential mayhem. The elite forces and special operations magazine has the low down on what the UK DOD has in the works to provide their own resources to thwart potential threats. 

Raider is a UK based publication, with great stories of British military might such as the formation of the SAS in this issue. However, it is also provides great international coverage of special operations forces from around the globe including the Royal Australian Engineers as featured in this issue.  You can subscribe for a monthly issue with U.S. and Global Delivery at

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  1. Does Raider magazine offer a digital version subscription? I saw a sample from their website and looks really nice, but their subscription information makes no mention of it.

  2. It is in the works, but they currently just ship hard copy. I would expect it to be available fairly soon.