Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Preview of A-TACS FG Field Coverage

Over the past year we had seen Jack Murphy cover some great camouflage patterns out in natural settings at Kitup! Prior to his departure we approached him about reviewing the new A-TACS FG camouflage pattern, as we had pre-production run of the Propper ACU uniform. He kindly agreed and will be providing full coverage in "The Load-Out Room" at his new writer's desk with Special Operations Forces Situation Report: Here are a couple photos he provided us in advance as well as a snippet from the coverage. 

A-TACS FG ACU Field Shot - Jack Murphy
"If you look at the pictures I took, it looks like someone went into them and blurred the colors together in photoshop, however, this is the normal effect that the pattern has. Frankly, I'm impressed that a camo scheme this subtle can be printed on fabric like this. Various shades of black, green, and several earth tones blend and mix together."

A-TACS FG Uniform by Propper
Jack Murphy served in the U.S. Army as a Sniper and team leader with the 3rd Ranger Battalion as well as a Sr. Weapons Sergeant in the 5th Special Force Group with a Military Free Fall team. He now writes military fiction based on in-depth historic research, which we have featured here with his Promis Series and first Novel "Reflexive Fire". 

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  1. If you want the press release photos let me know. You dont have to try to do much hiding in this pattern but I do think it works better the natural way we fight. As a sniper I know that the right colors makes a HUGE difference but so does you silhoutte. Be sensible when wearing any camoflague and keep a low profile. Couldn't find a better woodland as of yet

  2. It doesn't have enough contrast.

    The color scheme is basically that of Multicam, so I'd put this as a transitional rather than a temperate pattern.