Sunday, February 26, 2012

Practical Not Tactical

The guys over at Hill People Gear had an interesting commentary at their forum on the need to categorize their products without using the term tactical. For good or bad most people in the industry tag on this catchall category, which in the scheme of things makes for simplistic marketing. However, what if your gear does not fit in with the typical products utilized by tactical teams, military personnel, or related fields where specialized equipment is utilized? 

A lot of people want to be much more discreet with the packs and other nylon gear that they utilize outdoors and don't want the tacticool aesthetic that can easily draw unneeded attention. At the end of the day they want products that function well for their intended purpose and are practical in their day to day use. Not everyone is trying to conceal themselves from enemy combatants with the latest gucci camo or affixing pouches to load bearing packs, along with name tapes or other identifiers.

HPG Coyote Kit Bag
You can definitely see the possibility for tactical cross over with the gear designed by Hill People Gear and we are sure that market presents itself to them on a regular basis as seen with the Recon Kit Bag. Their new gear added PALS webbing to the original Runner's Kit Bag, upon request from Search and Rescue teams, but even in this case, you don't have to slap on a tactical moniker, when in reality this addition was clearly a  practical application to increase the capabilities of the existing designs.

Hopefully more manufactures will take note before throwing on all bells and whistles that may never get any attention, but certainly add weight.  Whether you have a use for HPG's products or not, they have a great forum that includes commentary like this along with discussions on their gear, firearms, outdoor exploration, and just about anything else that appropriate at:

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