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POF-USA: Gas Piston Rifle Systems

Patriot Ordnance Factory, Inc. completely manufactures their rifles from the ground up at a small industrial park in Glendale, AZ. You could drive by the facilities a hundred times without even knowing it was there. I certainly did just living about a half mile away, but that is common place in the metro area where a lot of hard work takes place behind unassuming corrugated metal or stucco walls.

POF-USA Jeep Tactical Response Vehicle
POF-USA lays claim to being the first rifle manufacturer in the industry to create an AR15 platform design with a gas piston operating system. The major focus was to eliminate heat and carbon build up, which were a major problem for the long term proper operation of the rifle in general. We ran into the team down at the local Cabela's as we were "running errands" as I like to call it. They had their Tactical Response Vehicle on hand along with a couple of their rifles. 

This particular rifle shown  here features the Hunter Sniper Rail which is available on the P308 and their P415, which is chambered in .223. They also offer a Tactical Rail on both selections for all around mounting capability. Their rifles all come standard with a Magpul CTR buttstock and MOE Grip. You can also choose between the NP3™ coating utilizing electroless nickle alloy plating and Teflon™ or Black Anodized.
POF-USA P308 Rifle14.5" Barrel Hunter/Sniper Rail

We always like to see local guys doing well as we are sure most do across this great nation, especially when their products are wholly made in America. POF-USA is proud of its roots and garage days 10 years ago when the President, Frank L. DeSomma sought to create a rifle that would shoot accurately, but at the same time maintain functionality by consistently being cooler and cleaner while shooting.

We were lucky to snag their 2012 catalog which is packed with succinct information about their product and their full line of rifles and parts. Lets just say we are impressed with their decade of progress to say the least. For full specs on their rifles and an overview of their Gas Piston Weapon System, check them out at There are plenty of naysayers that will say it is not necessary, but it appears many in military and law enforcement see the light and are quite happy with adopting the concept for their rifles.

POF-USA 2012 Catalog
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