Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PenCott GreenZone Roams the Jungle

If you are looking for additional fuel to feed your PenCott camo fix for the week, then we have some great field shots of the GreenZone colorway in the jungles of New Zealand. The gentleman in the photos below is wearing the woodland variant, which clearly is very effective for the environment. If anyone is looking for camouflage to impress they ladies then they are simply doing it wrong. However, if it is concealment you need, Hyde Definition's PenCott camouflage has multiple options to fit any terrain. 

PenCott GreenZone - New Zealand Jungle

In a nutshell, we are not intrigued by certain camouflage patterns, because they look perdy or are fashionable for your daily wear. The proof of its effectiveness out in the field is what matters to us. Let us see how it works in the backdrop for which it is intended and then we can have a discussion about its true function. Otherwise, you are just inventing some new color combos and slapping catchy names on them. Maybe that is just us. 

Hyde Definition: Pencott GreenZone Camouflage
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