Thursday, February 9, 2012

New U.S. Army Combat Pant

We have been following all updates on the new Army Combat Pants, since the solicitation was first announced back in August of 2011. There have been some great updates along the way including a first look at the OCP version from in October of last year. The new pants make great improvements in the overall design to provided added FR protection, increased durability with a new Defender M fabric, and advancements in overall function through the tweaks in the popular Crye Precision design. A lot of the features can be seen in their G3 Combat Pants which did not have the same Flame Resistant properties. 
Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants provided an "exclusive" update to the latest developments in the new Army combat pant and provided this video below giving a great overview of the new features for the pant, which are outlined in the initial solicitation. 

This is not just a big boost  in business for the MultiCam camouflage pioneer, as the uniform manufacturers Massif as well as Propper International are on board to help produce the Army's new ACP. While it is at the utmost importance that our Soldiers receive these pants in the most expedient means possible, we are sure there is plenty of hope in the market that these will make their way out for commercial purchase by law enforcement and for personal use. Of course it is not clear yet how this may play out given Crye Precision's existing line of pants. 

It is highlighted in the latest update that this is not the final version of the pant, but will be deployed nonetheless in April. Further improvements our outlined along with prototypes being manufactured by ReadyOne for field testing and a final decision on what truly will be a final Improved Army Combat Pant.

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