Saturday, February 4, 2012

Natick's New IFAK

It is not re-inventing the wheel, but the Individual First Aid Kit could use a low profile design and get out of the way to make room for other equipment. PM-SCIE at Natick Soldier Systems center has announced their new design, which can be worn to the rear under load bearing equipment, which solves these problems.

New Army Individual First-Aid Kit (I.F.A.K.) Photo by David Kamm, NSRDEC
The updated version for the U.S. Army provides access to the med kit with the left or right hand as it consists of a side open carrier that holds an inserted panel holding all the essential gear. The current innovation for the carrier is a belt-like system with what looks to be additional external webbing. We have seen tactical gear companies release similar concepts for rear undercarriage placement and fold out access to gear, however the easy  pull entries seem fairly unique. 

Natick notes that the new IFAK will carry additional equipment and has already been tested with good feedback from soldiers. Rich Landry, shown in the photo is credited with the new design and is part of the Load Carriage Prototype Lab. 

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