Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mystery Ranch Growing With Major International Expansion

News reports from local Bozeman news papers are covering the rapid growth of the Montana based pack manufacturer. Their high quality nylon products have leaped ahead of the competition over the past few years in gaining major market appeal from its Military customers. The Bozeman Daily notes that up to 80% of their overall business comes from its military focus. 

The initial jump has been made to manufacturing Mystery Ranch Packs in Vietnam for the Australian Department of Defence. Cost of labor is a certain factor in comparison with producing their products within the target country and is common host nation for factories churning out Aussie military gear as well as nylon products, and military clothing for worldwide markets. 

We are sure to hear some furor from Australian based companies, as in the past, many domestic military industry manufacturers have been passed up for weapons, gear, clothing, camouflage, produced by foreign entities. Mystery Ranch is to stay put with their pack production for the U.S. military as a stateside labor force is required per the Berry Amendment. We look forward to their further expansion and great success with their amazing packs. 

Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assualt Pack in ODG Phantom Camouflage
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