Thursday, February 23, 2012

MultiCam Tacticool Keyboard

Chairborne Rangers across the globe now have the ultimate in concealment with this MultiCam licensed mecahanical keyboard called the Camo Filco Majestouch. While we don't spare any expense when it comes to computers, as we use them on a daily basis more than any other device known to man. This may be a bit much for fitting in the "military aesthetic" for the office. 
Camo Filco Majestouch-2

We are sure it will sell in droves simply due to the popularity of the camouflage. However, most the time we are on laptops pounding the keys, so even the usefulness is just not there. Plus, where the hell is the coverall camo for the actual keys, everyone knows you fit in every inch of concealment possible. What good is a camouflage frame if you just have a big black key board screaming "eat at joe's" when Jon in accounting is hunting you down with a nerf spear.

MultiCam Keyboard Rear
At least they got the side facing down right. Back to the drawing board Filco, make this laptop disappear before my eyes as I type like a mad man in my hidden writing lair beneath a grove of Palo Verdes in a dried out wash. Of course what do you care as you count your millions from basement warriors looking for that extra advantage to increase the K/D ratio. Go on plunk down the $150, your $10 keyboard just isn't hacking it lately.

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