Saturday, February 25, 2012

MTP Smock Worn by Europe's Deputy Supreme Allied Commander

We thought this was a great shot of the British Windproof Smock in the Multi-Terrain Pattern camouflage worn by General Shirreff, whom is the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of Europe. This doesn't appear to be the standard smock as part of the Personal Clothing System as that features snag proof buttons on the pockets which are covered by an extra layer of fabric. 

DSACEUR Shirreff was photographed while visiting Provincial Reconstruction Team Chagcharan and ISAF Region Command West Headquarters in Afghanistan. Here you can see him speaking with an Italian Soldier. Italy is the commanding nation for this region, with Lithuania taking the lead for this particular PRT. The regions commander, Brigadier General Luciano Portolano is to the rear in the black beret. 

DSACEUR Visiting PRT Chagcharan in MTP Smock
Photo by ISAF Media
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